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Throughout this global crisis we are doing what we can to help those in need.

Vidatak has now released the Spiritual Care app.
In partnership with NewYork Presbyterian, we have made this app available at no cost through September 30th. See instructions below.

Vidatak LLC is pleased to be the nation's leader and patient's preferred choice in hospital-based patient, family, and caregiver communication products. Vidatak also manufactures the EZ Board, the Picture Board, the Spiritual Care Communication Board, and VidaTalk.

Instructions for download:
1) Download Spiritual Care from the Apple App Store
2) Tap on lock icon on the top right
3) Tap on Enterprise Login
4) Enter "Chaplain" for login
5) Enter "F8OECPZW0ISPTQJ3WOYLY8VKD" for passcode.
6) This free subscription will be valid through September 30, 2020.
7) For information on institutional licenses for VidaTalk and Spiritual Care, please email Vidatak

Mission Statement:

To continuously provide state of the art, evidence-based communication resources for patients who suffer from or are vulnerable to communication impairment.

Vision Statement:
Every patient who has a communication impairment be provided a means to effectively communicate with their family and providers on their time, in their preferred language, demonstrating understanding, not withheld from resources that would allow this vision to be made possible.

"My husband wanted to talk but the tracheotomy was making it difficult, so only sounds came out. When the EZ Board arrived, you have no idea how it made me feel. My heart was happy and tears of joy came, knowing that you cared enough to help my husband communicate with all of us."
—Wife of a patient



HPNA New Product Award