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Throughout this global crisis we are doing what we can to help those in need.

If your facility is new to VidaTalk, we want to partner with you, provide free access to our solutions and help improve care processes that embed best practices into routine care.

For information on free trials, institutional licenses for VidaTalk and Spiritual Care, please email Vidatak or call (855) 422-3567 for your free trial today.

Vidatak LLC is the nation's leader and patient's preferred choice in hospital-based patient, family, and caregiver communication products. Vidatak's communication boards include the EZ Board, the Picture Board, and the Spiritual Care Communication Board.

For hospitals with bedside tablets, VidaTalk and the Spiritual Care Communication App is a digital version of the EZ Board and Spiritual Care Communication Board and provides an all-in-one language solution along with other novel communication features. It's a perfect tool to serve as a companion to the EZ Board, including non-English speaking patients, serving as a point-of-care translation tool for communicating routine care needs.

Helping mechanically ventilated patients with evidence-based communication tools has many potential benefits. Facilitating communication with these patients can reduce a patient's anxiety and frustration. This creates an enormous opportunity to reduce sedation exposure, which in turn can result in fewer mechanical ventilation days, shorter ICU and hospital stays, and lower healthcare costs. Learn more about what your institution can do to standardize patient communication and drive outcomes improvement. The COVID ICU: Before You Sedate, Communicate - The Terror of Being Intubated With No Voice.

Mission Statement:

To continuously provide state of the art, evidence-based communication resources for patients who suffer from or are vulnerable to communication impairment.

Vision Statement:
Every patient who has a communication impairment be provided a means to effectively communicate with their family and providers on their time, in their preferred language, demonstrating understanding, not withheld from resources that would allow this vision to be made possible.

"My husband wanted to talk but the tracheotomy was making it difficult, so only sounds came out. When the EZ Board arrived, you have no idea how it made me feel. My heart was happy and tears of joy came, knowing that you cared enough to help my husband communicate with all of us."
—Wife of a patient



HPNA New Product Award