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Announcing VidaTalk™ now on android tablets!

The only patient-designed, research-based iPad communication tool for nonvocal and critically ill patients. VidaTalk™ is available for individual purchase via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or for group/hospital discounts through Acuity Medical.

Other long-term speech solutions fail to meet the unique needs of the healthcare environment. If you, a family member, or loved-one suffers from speech impairment due to conditions such as stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, or traumatic brain injury, be sure to order VidaTalk today!

Here is what our first customer had to say:

"Hello, first off let me tell you what a great job you did with this app. My Grandfather is in the hospital and is intubated and is clearly frustrated trying to communicate. I came home and did a Google search and discovered your app. I happily paid the $49 for the app. When my wife, who is an elder care provider, saw the app she became very excited. She works with a few clients who have had strokes and knows the app will work with them too. I gifted her the app right away."

For over a decade, Vidatak has been the leader in providing speech solutions based upon clinical research and patient feedback for the hospital environment. Hundreds of thousands of non-vocal patients have been given a voice thanks to the Vidatak EZ boards which have demonstrated improved outcomes for critically ill patients. Now available in bi-lingual format with 20 different translations, the EZ Boards are the solution of choice for non-English speaking patients and care providers seeking effective translation tools.

Finally, a better way to ensure effective patient communication!

Mission Statement:

To continuously provide state of the art, evidence-based communication resources for patients who suffer from or are vulnerable to communication impairment.

Vision Statement:
Every patient who has a communication impairment be provided a means to effectively communicate with their family and providers on their time, in their preferred language, demonstrating understanding, not withheld from resources that would allow this vision to be made possible.

"My husband wanted to talk but the tracheotomy was making it difficult, so only sounds came out. When the EZ Board arrived, you have no idea how it made me feel. My heart was happy and tears of joy came, knowing that you cared enough to help my husband communicate with all of us."
—Wife of a patient



HPNA New Product Award